Larsen C: Climate Engineering and Polar Ice Melt

This week, the Larsen C ice shelf broke away from Antarctica, setting a one trillion ton iceberg afloat in the Wedell Sea. While this event was natural and expected, scientists predict further calving events as temperatures rise, potentially unleashing several feet of sea level rise. We asked members of our Board of Advisors and other experts: Could proposed solar climate engineering technologies prevent or slow Arctic and Antarctic ice melt?

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Geoengineering Research Governance Project (GRGP) Oxford Workshop on a Code of Conduct for Responsible Geoengineering Research – Anna-Maria Hubert

The Geoengineering Research Governance Project (GRGP) recently convened a Code of Conduct Workshop at the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. Read about the objectives and format of the workshop, some of the insights gained from this meeting and next steps for the project.

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What a “post-truth” media ecology means for climate engineering research – Holly Jean Buck

The discussions on Geoengineering Watch illustrate how this new anti-geoengineering platform, grounded on the premise of existing and ongoing climate manipulation, relates to broader hostilities towards experts and concerns about class inequality. We can expect these underlying tensions around inequality to grow under the current administration, thus potentially attracting new people to an anti-geoengineering movement. It’s possible that forming an opinion on geoengineering becomes not an impersonal assessment of a technology, but an identity position.

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What has social science research on the public perception of climate engineering done? And what can it do? – Holly Jean Buck

The potentially useful role of social studies in evaluating climate engineering deserves further consideration. The stakes of not understanding and communicating with all the parts of society are higher than ever, and the time is ripe for more collaborative work on environmental futures writ large. I have a few ideas and questions about how to move forward.

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