Blog Post Submission Guidelines

The Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment is seeking blog posts for publication on our website.

Blog posts are short pieces that a) make or re-examine an argument, b) submit a new or reworked idea or c) provide a response to an idea, event or argument pertaining to climate engineering research or potential deployment.

FCEA encourages writers to consider blog posts an opportunity to quickly disseminate or test new or challenging thinking on important climate engineering topics or questions.  The format can be informal and citations are not necessary.


For July and August 2017, FCEA will give priority to blog post proposals on the following topics:

The Politics of CDR–  What is happening in the political conversation about carbon dioxide removal technologies? How have things shifted, if at all, post-Paris? Are there framing issues, interests, or institutions to which we should all be paying particular attention? Reading the tea leaves, how does the conversation look to be shaping up?

Whose Voice Matters?–  In any future conversation about research and potential deployment of climate engineering technologies, whose voice matters?  Do some voices carry more weight than others?  Should some voices be privileged?

On a rolling basis, we accept blog proposals on the following topics:

Governance– What formal and informal governance structures pertaining to research and deployment of climate engineering technologies on the international, national and subnational levels are out there?  What’s missing?

Public engagement– How is the public engaged and involved with regards to decisions taken on the research and deployment of climate engineering technologies?  What level of engagement is necessary, important or useful? Where and when should this happen?

Comparative assessment– What lessons can be drawn from experience with other complex emerging technologies and systems?

Teaching & communicating climate engineering-How do students and the public learn about climate engineering concepts?  How are lessons and explanations framed?  What is the language used?  Are there good examples or do you have experience teaching or communicating about these topics?

Politics of climate engineering– What does it mean to make climate engineering technologies part of the political conversation about climate response?

Categorizing climate engineering technologies– Which technologies or systems should be thought of as climate engineering and which should not? What are the impacts of talking about technologies as climate engineering?


Blog posts should be between 600-1200 words.

Who can submit?

FCEA considers blog posts entries from academics of all levels, researchers, civil society actors, and environmental and climate thinkers.

The process

Upon submission, you will receive acknowledgment of receipt.  Your post submission will be reviewed by FCEA staff and returned within one week.  If needed, accepted drafts will be returned with comments, most often to sharpen statements or main arguments.

FCEA staff retains all rights to accept or reject any post submissions.  In all cases, you will get an explanation of our decision.  In cases of rejection, we will be clear about reasons for rejection, but unable to accept resubmissions.

Please include a photo and a short bio of no more than 200 words, which can include links to your work.

To submit a blog post or idea, or to submit a question, write to