Governance, Public Deliberation, Public Perception

Methane, volcanoes, and the end of the world- GUEST POST- DUNCAN MCLAREN -UNIVERSITY OF LANCASTER

Public Deliberation, Public Perception

A quantitative evaluation of the public response to climate engineering: Reply to Gardner – Guest Post – Malcolm J. Wright, Damon A.H. Teagle and Pamela M. Feetham

Carbon Dioxide Removal, Solar Radiation Management, Understanding Negative Emissions Technologies

“Schrödinger’s SRM”- Guest Post- Duncan McLaren -University of Lancaster

Public Deliberation, Public Perception

“Quantitative Evaluation of the Public Response to Climate Engineering”: A Reply & Critique – Guest Post- Meryl P. Gardner, University of Delaware


Thinking Well in a Desperate Situation: Pride, Sloth, and Metaphors – Guest Post- Laura M. Hartman, Augustana College


The Relevance of Ethics for Geoengineering Research – Guest Post – Toby Svoboda, Fairfield University

Carbon Dioxide Removal, Civil Society, Governance, NGO and Policy Engagement, Understanding Negative Emissions Technologies

Is CDR ‘geoengineering’? Guest Post- Noah Deich, MBA candidate, UC Berkeley


Can Geoengineering save small holder farmers from adjuncts of climate change in Uganda? – Guest Post- Morrison Rwakakamba, Agency for Transformation

Civil Society, NGO and Policy Engagement, Public Deliberation

Geoengineering will not go away because we are not talking about it – Guest Post – Tina Johnson, Energy Action Coalition

Governance, Public Deliberation

Climate Geoengineering Governance: Expanding the Conversation – Guest Post – Mihir Shah, Council on Energy, Environment & Water, India