Phone chat: Tracy Hester on NETs and regional climate engineering

Recently, FCEA’s Michael Thompson spoke with Tracy Hester, University of Houston Law Center.

The conversation covers some fascinating ground.  Tracy discusses negative emissions technologies, and direct air capture technologies in specific, including what role they might play in climate policy, and how we should think about governing these efforts.

Tracy also talks about the idea of regional climate engineering, how this might present a different governance puzzle than a potential global deployment, and why this deserves attention sooner rather than later.

Later in the conversation, Tracy advises the legal community “focus on what’s on the table, rather than what’s on the horizon” for climate engineering.

Finally, we hear a bit about a forthcoming edited volume by Tracy and Michael B. Gerrard titled Climate Engineering and the Law: Regulation and Liability for Solar Radiation Management and Carbon Dioxide Removal, from Cambridge University Press.

Unfortunately, the sound quality is not great, but the conversation is.  Happy listening!

Additional call notes:

Here is a helpful FCEA Working Paper “Putting Costs of Direct Air Capture in Context,” written by Yuki Ishimoto, Institute of Applied Energy, Japan, and colleagues.

-In the conversation, you’ll hear reference to Klaus Lackner’s work at The Center for Negative Emissions, at Arizona State University.

-An available chapter of “Climate Engineering and the Law,” called Research Governance, is an excellent read and can be found here.