Jane Long

Dr. Jane Long’s interests are in strategic approaches to climate change. She is the former Dean of the Mackay School of Mines at University of Nevada, Reno, Director of the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy and Chairman of the Nevada State Task Force on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Dr. Long also worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where she served as Department Chair for the Energy Resources Technology Department including geothermal and fossil fuel research, and the Environmental Research Department and at Lawrence Livermore National Lab where she was Associate Director for Energy and Environment. She is currently a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, Senior consulting scientist and the Environmental Defense Fund. She chaired the Geoengineering Task Force for the Bipartisan Center, and chairs the California’s Energy Future studies for the California Council on Science and Technology. Dr. Long is a Fellow of AAAS, an Associate of NAS, Senior Fellow at the California Council on Science and Technology, and Fellow of the Breakthrough Institute.