Sikina Jinnah

Dr. Sikina Jinnah is an Associate Professor of Politics at the University of California at Santa Cruz.  Her first book (“Post-treaty Politics: Secretariat Influence in Global Environmental Governance,” MIT Press 2014) received the 2016 Harold and Margaret Sprout Award for best book in international environmental affairs from the International Studies Association. The book examines the role of international bureaucracies in managing the politics of overlapping international regimes in the areas of biodiversity, climate change and international trade. Her second book (with Simon Nicholson), “New Earth Politics: Essays from the Anthropocene” (MIT Press 2016) engages leading scholars in a discussion over the role of global environmental politics in the age of the Anthropocene. She is currently working on a third book, “Trading the Environment” (with Jean-Frédéric Morin), which examines the role of preferential trade agreements in securing environmental objectives. Dr. Jinnah’s research has also been published or is forthcoming in several scholarly journals, including: Global Environmental Politics, the Journal of Environment and DevelopmentEnvironmental Research Letters, Berkeley Journal of International Law PublicistGeorgetown International Environmental Law Review, Global Governance and Science. You can learn more about Dr. Jinnah’s work at:

Dr. Jinnah is a member of the Academic Working Group on the International Governance of Climate Engineering.