Academic Working Group on International Governance of Climate Engineering

The Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment’s Academic Working Group (AWG) on Climate Engineering Governance is an international group of senior academics that have been assembled to formulate perspectives on the international governance of climate engineering research and potential deployment, with a focus on proposed solar radiation management/albedo modification technologies. As governments in North America, Europe and Asia consider whether or not to support an active climate engineering research agenda, the world stands at an important moment in the broader climate engineering conversation.

The group has been tasked with:

  1.    Assessing the existing SRM governance conversation;
  2.    Identifying key debates and open questions;
  3.    Providing a fresh, authoritative analysis of governance pathways; and
  4.    Producing crisp, policy-relevant recommendations for international, state, and nonstate actors.

The members of this group can be found here. The group will publish its report and policy recommendations on October 1, 2018.


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