New Climate Engineering Scenarios

FCEA has embarked on a two-year project at SESYNC to develop new scenarios and models for climate engineering. The first workshop met in May 2019.

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Governing Solar Radiation Management

Download the report on Governing Solar Radiation Management from the Academic Working Group on Climate Engineering Governance.

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New Library of Legal and Soft Law Texts

Explore our new resource for Legal and Soft Law Instruments.

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Geoengineering and Biodiversity

Christopher Trisos examines policy and research implications of geoengineering on biodiversity.

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Education, Governance, Politics

Sixth International Geoengineering Governance Summer School: A Student’s Reflection

October 7, 2019
Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Researching at the Top of a Slippery Slope?

July 25, 2019
Carbon Dioxide Removal, Education, Governance, NGO and Policy Engagement, Politics, Public Deliberation

When essential research might be a bad thing. The carbon removal research dilemma.

July 16, 2019

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Check out this new article from Working Group member, Prakash Kashwan! @PKashwan

Sharing this new article from @techreview quoting our Co-Director, Wil Burns.

The Forum is excited to share this new publication discussing framing and futures for SRM written by our Director of Research, David Morrow, in collaboration with Jane Flegal, Anna-Maria Hubert, and Juan B. Moreno-Cruz.

Daniel Callies argues, in a new blog post, that "the slippery slope worry shouldn’t lead us to abandon research into [solar geoengineering via] SAI."

We are excited to share new commentary summarizing the Academic Working Group report on SRM governance. Check out this publication in Sustainability.

Nils Markusson and Duncan McLaren of @LancsUniLEC reflect on academia's approach to carbon removal research in our latest blog post. Check out their insightful piece on our website!