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Download the report on Governing Solar Radiation Management from the Academic Working Group on Climate Engineering Governance.

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FCEA is convening a new webinar series on carbon dioxide removal. View past and upcoming webinars.

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Geoengineering and Biodiversity

Christopher Trisos examines policy and research implications of geoengineering on biodiversity.

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Geoengineering on the Agenda at the United Nations Environment Assembly

March 6, 2019
Commentary, Governance, Solar Radiation Management

India Should Demand International, Political Oversight for Geoengineering R&D

December 28, 2018
Carbon Dioxide Removal, Commentary, Solar Radiation Management

Reflections on the IPCC special report on pathways to and impacts of 1.5ºC

October 12, 2018

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Just in: a proposal for a UNEP expert review of #Geoengineering technologies and their governance has been withdrawn at #UNEA4 . No consensus possible. If governments can't agree on a geoeng report, seems unlikely they will ever agree if/how to deploy... or not. Déjà vu, anyone?

GEOETHICS MEDAL 2019: Call for Nominations
The Geoethics Medal rewards scientists who have distinguished themselves in applying/favouring/assuring ethical approaches in the geoscience research and practice.​ Nominations should be submitted by 31 July 2019:

Ban Ki-Moon calls for "the international community to agree on a rigorous governance framework for geoengineering, and to put it in place without delay."

Listen to geoengineering scholar Jane Flegal and FCEA Academic Working Group on Climate Engineering Governance member Prakash Kashwan discuss geoengineering on an episode of the podcast, Flash Forward! @flashforwardpod

New paper from @FHBBiermann & @InaMoller puts some numbers on the well-known and important problem of underrepresentatiom of the Global South in discussions of climate engineering:

A range of experts comment on the proposed Swiss resolution on "geoengineering and its governance" which is being considered at the 4th United Nations Environment Assembly. See what these experts have to say in the Forum's latest blog post.