Sikina Jinnah, PhD

Sikina Jinnah is Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University. Jinnah’s research focuses on the changing dynamics of power and influence in global environmental politics. Her recent book (“Post-treaty Politics,” MIT Press 2014) examines the role of international bureaucracies in managing the politics of overlapping international regimes in the areas of biodiversity, climate change and international trade. Her most current research focuses on how key norms in global climate change politics shape power relations in global governance, and the intersection of international trade and environmental policy making. In addition to her book- “Post-treaty Politics: Secretariat Influence in Global Environmental Governance” (MIT Press, 2014)- Dr. Jinnah’s research has also been published in several scholarly journals, including: Global Environmental Politics, the Journal of Environment and Development, Environmental Research Letters, Berkeley Journal of International Law Publicist, and Science. Prior to coming to SIS she was a visiting fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies. Dr. Jinnah was also formerly a consultant for the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), where she reported on CITES and UNFCCC processes for IISD’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin.