A Talk By David Morrow – Is it permissible to research solar climate engineering


Monday, Oct. 19, 2015

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October 19, 2015

David Morrow, in a tightly constructed talk at American University on October 8, examines the arguments for and against a modest solar radiation management (SRM) research agenda, and concludes that further research into SRM is morally permissible.

The talk demands close viewing and consideration. Dr. Morrow walks carefully through the main arguments against support for SRM research – moral hazard, slippery slope, un-governability, and “inherent immorality” – and offers a careful weighing of the strengths of those contentions against what he terms the “core argument” in favor of SRM research, namely that SRM should be examined as a potentially valuable component of a portfolio of responses to climate change. His conclusions are particularly important, as he calls for support for a research agenda that is deeply informed by, and responsive to, the philosophical criticisms looked at in his talk.

The Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment is pleased to have Dr. Morrow as a scholar in residence this academic year. Dr. Morrow’s views are his own, presented here by FCEA to prompt deeper and more informed consideration of climate engineering options.

Find slides from David’s talk here.