New Climate Engineering Scenarios

FCEA has embarked on a two-year project at SESYNC to develop new scenarios and models for climate engineering. The first workshop met in May 2019.

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Governing Solar Radiation Management

Download the report on Governing Solar Radiation Management from the Academic Working Group on Climate Engineering Governance.

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New Library of Legal and Soft Law Texts

Explore our new resource for Legal and Soft Law Instruments.

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Geoengineering and Biodiversity

Christopher Trisos examines policy and research implications of geoengineering on biodiversity.

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Governance, Public Deliberation, Public Perception, Solar Radiation Management

Should geoengineering be considered a global public good?

October 28, 2019
Education, Governance, Politics

Sixth International Geoengineering Governance Summer School: A Student’s Reflection

October 7, 2019
Solar Radiation Management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Researching at the Top of a Slippery Slope?

July 25, 2019

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[Feb. 4, 12pm] Co-director @wil_burns will participate in a webinar by @ELIORG where he will join @chichilnisky, Robert James, @LouiseBedsworth, and @sktalati in a conversation considering the role of geoengineering to curb climate change. Register by 1/31

Conference Alert Berlin, Oct. 6-9,2020~@IASS_Potsdam CEC20 brings together research, policy, and civil society communities to look at “climate engineering" approaches alongside other proposed responses to climate change.

Session Proposal Submission

Nov. 22-Join FCEA for a CSPO breakfast Conversation with Jesse Reynolds (UCLA) where he will draw on his newly released book to show how solar geoengineering is, could, and should be governed. Register here!

A story out today featuring Sikina Jinnah's @SJinnah2 work on climate engineering governance.

New comment out today in Nature Geoscience by co-director, Simon Nicholson and working group member, Sikina Jinnah.

Check out this new blog post written by working group member, @PKashwan!