Carbon Dioxide Removal, Solar Radiation Management, Understanding Negative Emissions Technologies

Larsen C: Climate Engineering and Polar Ice Melt

Public Perception

A Response to “The Uninhabitable Earth”


Geoengineering Research Governance Project (GRGP) Oxford Workshop on a Code of Conduct for Responsible Geoengineering Research – Anna-Maria Hubert


Call For Writing


“Should we ‘hack the climate’ to fight global warming?” conversation on NPR

Civil Society, NGO and Policy Engagement, Politics, Public Deliberation

The People’s Climate March

Education, Governance, Public Deliberation, Public Perception, Solar Radiation Management

What a “post-truth” media ecology means for climate engineering research – Holly Jean Buck


What has social science research on the public perception of climate engineering done? And what can it do? – Holly Jean Buck

Carbon Dioxide Removal, Commentary, Governance, Solar Radiation Management, Understanding Negative Emissions Technologies

Commentary: A response to Wil Burns: Common Misunderstandings About SRM Geoengineering

Commentary, Education

Commentary: Can a Philosopher and a Scientist Co-teach a Class on Climate Engineering? – Thomas Ackerman & Stephen Gardiner